Fullstack web developer from Czechia

Hi, I'm Tomáš Juřička.

I'm a fullstack web developer from Czechia. I have a strong experience in .NET backend development followed by a medior expierence in frontend development, either in Blazor , or React . I mostly prefer backend development, but I do like the frontend part as well (including the styling).

I also have expierence with the full application development cycle, including continuous integration and continuous delivery and managing it's infrastructure. The experince mostly consists of Azure and Azure devops usage.

To be part of a team is also nothing unusual for me, I like cooperation and discussions with others. I also had the pleasure to lead & teach group of junior developers while developing intranet applications. And I also teach at local university with my former colleague.

For me, software development is not just about code. Actually delivering value means a lot to me, being close to the customer helps to keep my work meaningfull. Because of this, I have started developing websites for smaller subjects, this way I can feel the impact of each line of code that I write.

Even though I believe software development is not just about code, I really love playing with it. Lately I've found myself in love with functional programming . This topic is what my first solo talk was about (@Nalejvárna Zlín) .

On more personal note, I'm an avid sport enjoyer . Spent a few years doing martial arts, but now I' more focused on endurance sports. When I can find the time, I can get immersed in reading pretty easily.


  • Backend development

    .NET • C# • ASP.NET • Clean Architecture • REST APIs • gRPC

    100 %
  • Frontend development

    React • Blazor • HTML • CSS • JS/TS • Accessibility • Semantic HTML

    80 %
  • Databases & Storage

    Microsoft SQL Server • Entity Framework • Azure Blob/Table Storage • PostgreSQL • SQL • OracleDB

    60 %
  • Devops

    Azure Devops • Azure devops repos & pipelines (build/release) • Github & Github actions

    60 %
  • Infrastructure

    Azure Cloud • Docker • Kubernetes • Azure functions • IIS • Infrastructure as a Code • Pulumi

    50 %
  • Leading & teaching

    Mentoring juniors • Teaching at university • Team leading

    35 %


  1. Company
    .NET & React developer
    • Part of a .NET competence center in Skoda Auto, helping other teams with advanced .NET topics. Pushing standartization of projects forward
    • Improving a microfrontend application platform written in React/.NET
    • Developing an internal application (vacation planning, timesheet submissions).

    Skills: .NET Azure Blazor React Frontend ecosystem

  2. Company
    CN Group / Ciklum
    .NET & React developer
    • Developing .NET backend and ReactJS frontend for employee planning application
    • Developing .NET microservices for a banking application (Azure, Microservices, .NET, Kubernetes)
    • Leading a group of junior developers while creating an internal application for colleague reviews (Blazor, .NET, RabbitMQ)
    • Leading a group of junior developers while creating an internal application for bonus recommendations (Blazor, .NET, RabbitMQ, Event Sourcing, Functional approach in C#)

    Skills: .NET Azure Blazor Microservices Kubernetes React Leading & Teaching

  3. Company
    CN Group
    .NET Developer
    • Developing backend for employee planning application
    • Developing big data distribution and aggregation system
    • Providing support and architecture advice for Test Automation

    Skills: .NET ASP.NET C# Microsoft SQL Server Azure devops

  4. Company
    CN Group
    Software Tester
    • Automated testing using Selenium
    • Manual Testing

    Skills: Automated testing .NET C# Oracle databases Selenium


Outside of regular work, I also spend some time working on side projects. These consist mostly of websites for smaller subjects in my local area. Sometimes I also do designs for them. I've initially started with an ASP.NET MVC application, and worked my way up to a stable JAMSTACK architecture which is first go-to when building a new website.

Currently i build the websites using a .NET backend and a Astro frontend, with React components. Previously I've worked with GatsbyJS as frontend.

I've always tried to bring the expertise from my primary work to the side projects as well, meaning that I always try to use newest technologies. Bringing fast & accessible websites to my customers. I've also included a CI&CD for my convinience.

Skills: GatsbyJSTailwindCSSNetlifyCMS.NET/C#ASP.NET Azure functionsGithub repos & workflowsFigma

Websites that I've built:

Other projects

  1. Project
    Luštěniny / Cypher game in Zlín

    Together with former colleagues we are organizing an event called Luštěniny on yearly basis. It's a free cypher game that people can attend in teams.

    Apart from helping with organisation of the game, I've also created designs for the websites and our social media.

    View website (CZ only)
  2. Project
    Teaching at Tomas Bata University in Zlin

    Teaching at Tomas Bata University, Faculty of applied informatics - taking care of the technical part of an Agile Software Development course (.NET, React/Blazor, Azure).

    Mostly helping students with getting their ASP.NET Application and Azure infrastructure up and running, so that can use it as basis for their agile course.

    View website